What A Ride…

So many new and different occurrences since my last postings. Family illness, changes in our servant positions, and new friends to manage. God has given us a spirit of a sound mind and we keep that forever in our hearts and before our eyes. He wants to comfort us with these promises. His power is greater than any problem we may face. He is indeed in charge and wants us to DEPEND on and TRUST in Him fully.

When the path takes a severe turn, we allow Him to help us to guide and reassure us of His everlasting love and presence.

He whispers to us to have peace in His control….and so we shall!


Searched By God

The Psalmist states he was searched. God was trying to discover something about him. He was exposed to the One who created his body. The Psalmist went through intense examination. God knew everything, yes, everything about him when the search was finished. From getting up, to going to bed that evening…God knew it all.

Then, an eye opening statement from the Psalmist…SEARCH ME AGAIN O GOD! Know my heart…know my anxious thoughts..

Can we be honest with God and ask Him to search us? If we ask this of Him, what will He find? Will He find little left over hurts, small bits of terror which we hold? Will our search by Him turn up moldy, rotten hates we have not relinquished to Him? He will not just peek in at our situation, He will look it over in completeness. He will be thorough. He will be probing every corner and every closet of our being.

Let us pray for everything NOT pleasing to Him be stripped away.  Let offensive ways, thoughts, and manners be removed by His power.

May He bless you as He searches and cleanses you this day dear friend!!


Come And Listen
Our days are filled with all kinds and types of noise… loud engines of industrial trucks, sirens and rescue vehicles screaming along to render aid to crisis victims.
The TV commercials plead with us to purchase gold complete with nerve wracking background music and whining, obnoxious sales persons.
The group of 10 motorcycle passing by making us want to shout out, “Quiet down! Take a different route”.
The neighbors dog decides to bark incessantly at goodness knows what a o-dark-thirty AM…
Noise…we cannot escape it and cannot squelch it. Some people need a “white sound” to fall asleep as a means to cover up excess, unwanted noise.
We have the opportunity to listen to something other than clanging and chest pounding noise. We have the most exciting words to give to someone to listen to…and the most wonderful information to share, which to the ears is a beautiful sound. What could be so important, so urgent, so appealing, and so soothing to speak about for which you must not keep silent?
Hear the words of the Psalmist as he cannot contain his words, for he must speak them out!

Come and listen all you who fear God, let me tell you what He has done for me. Psalm 66:16

The Psalmist speaks truth as he states:
1. God has surely listened and heard my voice.
2. He has not rejected my prayer.
3. He has not withheld His love from me.
Can there be any more blessed message than this? Can we receive any greater assurance to help us along the way?


When the sorrow of losing a relationship arises, quiet your heart and ask these three important questions concerning the loss.

1. What was the fruit produced from the relationship ( was it sweet, nourishing, and satisfying)?

2. Was the relationship often filled with unrest, opposing views hindering the joy?

3. How did your heart feel after you spent time with the friend or family member which you have now moved on from into a fresher space?

It is important for us to love those who are a challenge to love, but also to be very careful NOT to  let them abuse and intimidate us. God  has chosen us out of the world and we are to never forget this. He strengthens His children, uplifts them and cares about binding wounds. He sets our feet upon a path and we must trust Him in dealing with these hurtful or hateful persons, because if we are His child, there will be persecution. He alone will deal with the spite, the viciousness, and the attacks. Be still in Him and let Him show His power.


Turning To Him

Can you remember a time when you received an answer to prayer…a simple pleading went up to Him. Your desire was to have this important need filled and unless He actually intervened, it was hopeless. You carefully planned your words before you presented your case. Your file folder was ready and your references to His Word in a promise awaited.
You stepped up to His throne in quietness and humility. You had previously let Him cleanse your heart from all unrighteousness and now you were ready.
Bowing and starting the prayer in a whisper at first, you begin. Placing your requests before Him is nothing new and yet this request is a never before voiced plea. You believe He loves you and will hear this supplication as if it were the only one, for it is at this time. Your request is neither lost, forgotten, set aside, or deemed too little to bother about.
Your prayer flows up like a fragrant incense… gentle, attractive to His ear and set deeply upon His heart. There is not one, not one emotion He has not felt…He is in control, He is Lord of all.
Will He answer you? Will He move the mountain and will He calm your shaking, trembling body? Remembering He is near, call on Him…be truthful and yet even child-like in your faith. Remembering He supplies your every need, He is pleased to hear of each and every one of those needs.
How wonderful it is to thank Him as you rise….now wait. He is your Deliverer. He is your Sufficiency.
Watch for His unfailing grace, His willingness to give to His children.


Today, tell someone how much they mean to you. Tell them you have prayed over them and asked God to grant mercy, wisdom, and direction for them. Tell them they are loved, appreciated, and kind thoughts of them flood your heart. Tell them God has a VERY special plan for their lives, He cares what path they take, He restores them, and provides living water of refreshment to them. Tell them you see Christ in them as they go about their day. Tell them they are a chosen son or daughter of the Most High King. Tell them of their strengths, their accomplishments, and their abilities which you see being used for His glory. Tell them how you cherish time with them, listening to their dreams, their ambitions, and their hopes. Tell them you lift their trials and hurts to His throne, because you know He cares for them.

Today, dear friends, let your words be encouraging and meaningful. Tell them….


Be Still In The Thunder Claps
The rain threatened at a most frightening level. Streams quickly swelled to levels never previously recorded. Dark clouds hung overhead and produced claps of loud thunder. Those claps shook me deep inside.
Stand firm was the truth whispered to me …Isaiah 43:2 calmed me, “When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee…”
Could I trust Him for the direction and control of this water? Could I take Him at His Word to be with me? Surely I have trusted Him through terrors, through deaths, through all kinds of sadness. What is a little water to Him who gives me Living Water? What is the thunder clap to Him who spoke the world into place?
Plans…my plans suddenly took over…..which way is high ground.. where are others running for protection and safety? Where is a refuge for which to hide for me?
Oh dear child He spoke, you know my Word, I will hold you….let the spray in your face run down like tears…let the soaking of your coat be nothing because I am surrounding you… Let me cover you for shelter, and let me show myself powerful and mighty while you observe….
But Lord, what if…what if I fall into the rages? What if I am swept away and never seen again? What if …
He knows my absolute and pure fear .
He alone is my defense and my sanctuary….
Wait, for it will be still, wait for it will be calm….wait for He gives us assurance of His love and His peace no matter the difficulty.
Bring me out dear Lord, I expect you to do what you have said…My hope is in You….Remove all doubt, and lift me up..